This is the personal website of Alyn Gamble, an information professional currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. I am non-binary and use they series pronouns.

I am a PhD student at Simmons University’s School of Library and Information Science. In my doctoral studies, I am investigating the health information-seeking behaviors of sexual and gender minority individuals who have mental health concerns. My investigations thus far have focused on the use of AI chatbots in mobile applications for mental health and the impact of stigma on information seeking behaviors.

I am also the Research Librarian for the Sciences at Tuft University’s Tisch Library and an affiliated faculty member at Emerson College. My professional background includes researching and teaching undergraduate courses in electronic publishing, information literacy, and scholarly communications, as well as developing digital repositories for marine science collections. I’ve also conducted research and provided instruction in digital humanities and research data management.

When away from screens, I enjoy running, backpacking, paddle-boarding, reading, and attending concerts and theatrical productions. You can find some information about these hobbies under the Whimsy tab. I also have a cat and a couple of aquariums.

Thank you for visiting this digital introduction. Please e-mail me (alynreads at gmail) if you want to learn more.