A note on terminology

Recently, I decided to stop using the term LGBTQ+ when talking about my research, and begin using the phrase “sexual and gender minority” (SGM). Especially with my being a non-binary bisexual person, this was a thoughtful consideration, though one that I’m not certain I’ll continue to utilize throughout my research.

As the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological AssociationĀ states: “Use the umbrella term “sexual and gender minorities” to refer to multiple sexual and/or gender minority groups, or write about “sexual orientation and gender diversity” (2020, p. 146).

While I preferred using LGBTQ+, or LGBTQIA+, and generally describe myself as “queer,” I found these preferences to create issues in research. The one that had the largest impact on my decision was being able to better communicate with a broader audience and describe a more diverse population. Adhering to the updated APA manual’s guidelines appears to be the best approach at this time.

I’m still developing my thoughts on this terminology, but I wanted to make a brief note on it today (2020-02-24, updated 2020-05-02). Hopefully I’ll be able to articulate this decision a bit better in the future.

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