(Endnotes) Queering Health Information Seeking: a pre-comps independent study

  1. As the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association states: “Use the umbrella term “sexual and gender minorities” to refer to multiple sexual and/or gender minority groups, or write about “sexual orientation and gender diversity” (2020, p. 146). While I generally describe myself as “queer” when summarizing life as a non-binary bisexual, I found these preferences to create issues in research as well as conversation (e.g., people became focused on the terms rather than the concepts). In fact, it was this inability to dialogue about ideas that had the largest impact on my decision: using sexual and gender minority in place of the “alphabet soup” or more precise descriptors will hopefully facilitate better communications with a broader audience and describe a more diverse population. Therefore, adhering to the updated APA manual’s guidelines appears to be the best approach at this time.
  2. Like some other non-binary people, I identify myself as a bisexual rather than a pansexual. While I am physically and romantically attracted to multiple sexes and genders, I use the term bisexual as a counter of bi-erasure: rather than choosing more modern terms like pansexual, I hold that bisexuality, despite the prefix bi, can be understood as comprehensive of fluidity in gender and sexuality, as well as sex.
  3. Men who have sex with men

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