In my career, I’ve provided both semester-long university-level instruction, as well as shorter format research workshops and sessions.


Professor, “Introduction to Electronic Publishing,” Emerson CollegeFall 2020-Present
Teaching Assistant, “Information Services for Diverse Users,” Simmons University Spring 2019
Teaching Assistant, “User Instruction,” Simmons UniversitySpring 2018
Instructor, “Aeolus Research Journal,” New College of Florida2015-2017
Co-Instructor, Writing in the Sciences: “Sex, Death, & Comic Books: STEM-ulating Writing,” New College of FloridaSpring 2017
Co-Instructor, “Interdisciplinary Research Methods,” New College of Florida2015-2016
Internship Supervisor, Library and Archives, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium2014-2015


Modules for Biology, Chemistry, Community Health, Environmental Science, and Occupational Therapy Fall 2020-Present
Chemistry Research.” Tufts University. Spring 2021
APA Citations and Organization.” Occupational Therapy focused. Tufts UniversitySpring 2021
Community Health Research.” Tufts UniversitySpring 2021
Very Quick Guide to Systematic Reviews.” Tufts UniversitySpring 2021
Scoping Reviews.” Tufts UniversitySpring 2021
“Smart Gateways to Medical Literature.” 1 session, New College of Florida. For Dr. Stephen Harlin.Spring 2017
“Intentional Reading.” Undergraduate student workshop. New College of Florida, Research Essentials Workshop.Spring 2017
Competency and Confidence and Wikipedia ISPs, information literacy workshop. “Strength Searcher: Developing your research skills.” 2 sessions, New College of Florida. For Dr. Robin M. Williamson and Theresa Burress.Spring 2017
“Focus on Data Management.” Research Essentials: Plan Your Research workshop. New College of Florida, March 15.2017
“Focus on IRB.” With Lee Ann Rodriguez and John Doucette. Research Essentials: Plan Your Research workshop. New College of Florida, February 22.2017
Introduction to Environmental Studies, research instruction. “Intro to Environmental Studies Information.” 1 session, New College of Florida. For Dr. Katherine McHugh.Fall 2016
Introductory Psychology, research instruction. “Researching, Fast and Slow.” 3 sessions, New College of Florida. For Drs. Michelle Barton, Steven Graham, and Heidi Harley.Fall 2016
“Behavior and Ethics: Adventures in the Scientific Research Cycle.” Presentation to Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students and college interns. Mote Marine Laboratory, July 15.2016
Marine Mammal Behavior, research instruction. “Researcher Behavior: Finding & Utilizing Primary Scientific Literature.” 1 session, New College of Florida. For Dr. Athena Rycyk.Spring 2016
Sensory Biology, Writing Enhanced Course, research instruction. “‘When in Doubt,  Go to the Library’: The Basics of Library Research.” 2 sessions, New College of Florida. For Dr. Jayne Gardiner.Spring 2016
General Chemistry Laboratory, research instruction. “Chem @ Cook: The Basics.” 3 sessions, New College of Florida. For Dr. Mathis Hodge.Spring 2016
Research Project Discussion, guest lecture. “Research Chat: Let’s Talk About Methods.” University of South Florida St. Petersburg. For Dr. Justin Perrault.Fall 2015
General Biology, research instruction, flipped classroom, “From Potato Chips to Vegetables: Finding Scholarly Resources.” Video, online presentation, and in-class presentation. 2 sessions, New College of Florida. For Drs. Brad Oberle and Athena Rycyk.Fall 2015
“Ethical Authorship.” Online presentation. Created for Dr. Katherine Walstrom, New College of Florida. November 9.2015
Research Methods in Biology, guest lecture. “Library Resources at Mote.” 1 session, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Laboratories at Mote Marine Laboratory. For Dr. Christelle Bouchard.Spring 2015
Special Libraries and Information Centers, guest lecture. “Dive into Marine Science Librarianship.” 1 virtual session, Louisiana State University School of Library and Information Science. For Dr. Michelynn McKnight.Fall 2014
English 1010, research instruction.  3 sessions, Tulane UniversitySpring 2013
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